Let’s face it…

If you are reading this, you’re probably like us spending any free time scouring the internet for a better way to manage work.

You’ve probably had a dozen tabs open for email, your property management software (assuming it even works on a modern browser), G Suite, Office365 and the so on. All these apps and still your conversations feel scattered, leads fall through the cracks and workflows seem unmanageable.

That’s why we built Aptly. We want to empower property teams to convert more leads and delight customers at every stage of their journey through one refreshingly easy platform that combines CRM and workflow management.

There’s no ceiling to what you can build on Aptly!

Need to track leads and ad spend? Want to manage your lease renewals? How do we track our notices to vacate and the turnover process? What about tracking those online reviews from Yelp and Google? All of this is now in one place. Real estate is filled with countless predictable workflows and you can track them all in Aptly. Your workspaces come packed with tools that provide automation, seamless communication and incredible visibility.

We hope you are thinking, “Finally! Someone’s building the tool we really need to really grow our business and show our customers we care.” But, building something as disruptive as Aptly is no easy task. While we’ve assembled one of the best teams in property tech, we need visionaries like you to start this movement.

Our Values


Unlike most software companies, we actually use the app we’re building for your team. By running our business on Aptly, you can be assured that we are fully invested in making a product that’s incredible for both of us.

Customer Focus

Our team has been together for more than a decade building software for this industry. Our guiding principle has been to listen to our customers and let them drive the product roadmap.


Tired of broken promises from your software vendor about features you need? We pride ourself in delivering the features of customers need by bringing you a fresh update of Aptly every 2 weeks!


We believe that software needs to be intuitive so your team can figure it out quickly. Most importantly, it needs to make our lives easier by automating mundane and routine tasks.

Remote Friendly

COVID-19 changed the world forever by forcing companies to be more flexible when letting employee work from anywhere. Aptly makes working remote possible, without sacrificing what gets done.

Proudly backed by proven investor and industry leaders