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Customer Success Manager

CareersCustomer Success Manager Customer Success Manager Location: United States APPLY HERE The Role An Aptly...

DisruptCRE – The Immediate Impact of CRE Tech – Q/A with Jackson Slavik

Having a fluid and connected communication stack is crucial to your relationship with your residents. The tool we’re leaning on most heavily and most excited about in this area is Aptly.

5 Strategies for Increasing Resident Satisfaction with Aptly

Outside of the multifamily industry, world-class teams have adopted great apps to automate and optimize their customer service & resident satisfaction processes. Unfortunately, these apps rarely integrate with leading property management…

How To Calculate Lost NOI Due to Poor Resident Communication

Top performing property teams recognize the relationship between lease renewals and resident satisfaction. In fact, many property management companies are embracing new processes and technology to optimize resident satisfaction and renewals, therefore maximizing operating income.

Inman – Slack Fund invests in property management startup Aptly

Slack, the messaging software often used in offices and newsrooms, is investing in a real...

Venture Beat – Slack Fund invests in 6 enterprise startups

The Slack Fund announced it’s the latest round of investments including real estate property management software Aptly.