It’s Official: The New Version of Aptly is Here!

We’ve updated Aptly with a new fresh look complete with a snazzier interface and helpful new features. Use the new version of Aptly for faster and more effective collaboration and get all your work done in one place, without ever leaving your inbox!

Get work done faster with Aptlets

Organize any type of information, projects and/or tasks in one central collaborative location with our new work execution tool, Aptlets. Use these project management boards to track literally anything and turn conversations into structured work right from your inbox.

We’ve got a template for nearly every use case. Pick one of our existing templates and customize it to fit your needs or start from scratch with a blank board.

Resident Helpdesk
Prioritize and manage resident issues.

Property Acquisitions
Evaluate and onboard new investment properties.

Resident Leads
Track, engage and close new resident leads.

Owner Leads
Track, nurture and qualify your new owner leads.

Policies and Procedures
Your knowledge base for building and company info.

Pet Applications
Capture and manage pet verification forms.

Notices to Vacate
Capture, verify and manage residents giving notice.

Lease Renewals
Retain residents by measuring happiness and timing renewals.

And the list goes on! Reach out to us at if you’d like to install a template or need help making a custom Aptlet.

We didn’t stop there. We’ve also enhanced and added several other new features to help your team do their best work and deliver amazing customer experiences.

Share and Assign Conversations

With the new version of Aptly, you can assign conversations to the right teammate and know exactly who’s following up, avoiding duplicate replies and cutting down on response times.

With the updated Mine View, you can quickly view conversations assigned to you and each member of your team.

Maybe you need to loop in a couple teammates on a conversation. Now, you can share conversations with your team without having to forward or CC. And, easily filter your inbox to see conversations shared with you.

Related Items

You can also share the conversation to a Location, Contact, Aptlet or Event record to give your team background and keep track of important details. Once you’ve related the conversation to a record, teammates can see the full conversation thread under Related in the Contact, Location or Aptlet record.

Monitor Resident Sentiment with the Happiness Dashboard

With the updated version of Aptly, you can view a snapshot of your company Happiness Score. Results from the customer satisfaction surveys create the overall Happiness Score.

Click the heart icon in the top right corner to view important insights about resident happiness including survey data, happiness by location, the top happiness makers and contacts who need extra love. Use these powerful metrics to improve customer service and boost resident relations.

Quick Action Icons

Reach out to a contact with one click. Now you can email, text or call a contact right from their contact profile. And, you can easily add notes to their profile and keep track of key details.

Mass Contact Alerts

Create more context for your team with Contact Alerts. A Contact Alert displays critical information above a specific contact’s conversation your entire team can see. And now, you can add mass Contact Alerts on multiple contacts at once.

Private Topics

Aptly automatically categorizes and labels conversations with shared Topics. You can also manually add shared Topics. Or, with the updated version of Aptly, you can add private Topics to conversations totally custom and private to you. Use private topics as your personal organization system and quickly view conversations by Topic.

With the new version of Aptly, your work is connected, flexible and collaborative. Hop in and discover how the new and updated features can benefit your team.

Not using Aptly?

Aptly is a task management tool specifically designed for property teams. We integrate task boards with your inbox, phone, and property management software (PMS) giving teams a single place to collaborate and manage all work.

Contact us to get a free trial of Aptly and learn more about the future of work for property teams.

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