Build better owner and resident relationships with less work, by collaborating
better as team, all from one familiar application: The Inbox.

Aptly helps property managers:

Attract & Retain Owners

Streamline and automate owner communication. Provide detailed snapshots of customer service interactions & resident satisfaction.

Improved Brand Reputation

Timely customer surveys, sentiment analysis resident and owner happiness scores

Optimize Team Performance

Automate 10-30% of inbound inquiries. Ramp up new hires faster with knowledge base and performance tracking

Retain High Value Tenants

Faster response times, more accountability, automated outreach before leases expire.

Propertyware & Aptly Comparison

Criteria Propertyware Aptly + Propertyware
Personal Inbox + Shared Inboxes
Smart filtering and prioritization
AI Powered Response Templates
Response Time Goals + Agent Performance Report
Automated Follow Up Surveys
Team Chat and sharing
Zero data entry and setup
Integrates to Popular Apps (Office365, Google, Slack, Box and more.)
Resident Satisfaction Score
Create Work Orders from the Inbox
Aptly Chrome Extension

Veritas relies on Aptly to organize effective communication between all departments involved in the customer journey. We’ve saved countless hours in productivity and delivered measurable improvement to our services levels  that are reflected in our online reputation.

Donna Stern
Veritas Investments