Wondering how you'll tackle the challenges of working remotely?

Your team’s stressed, residents are flooding your inbox, work feels scattered, and it seems impossible to communicate effectively when you’re not in the same office…

Aptly is the flexibly virtual work and communication hub that brings your team together to collaborate and get things done, wherever you are.

Aptly gives your team one place for:

  • Shared inbox to team up for customer conversations
  • Instant visibility into what everyone is working on
  • Simple collaboration on conversations and tasks
  • Real-time updates keeping everyone informed

Built by our remote team, for yours.

We don’t just make software for remote property teams…we literally use it ourselves to run Aptly. Our team is scattered around the globe, but Aptly makes it possible to communicate as if we were sitting in the same office. We communicate our customers using shared inboxes, track leads, manage our customer helpdesk and build features…all using Aptly.

If it works for us, it will work for you too!

Start working remote in minutes.

To ensure you get off to a smooth start, we’ve created ready made templates to start capturing work and collaborating with your team instantly. We have templates for dozens of typical property management workflows that can be customized in seconds, no coding required!

Ditch your spreadsheets for Aptly.

Still using Excel or Google Sheets to track resident leads, rehabs, turnovers or other processes that happen outside your property management software? Aptly takes the best aspects of spreadsheets and databases, and puts them together with collaboration tools to ensure remote teams get more done together!

Got a spreadsheet to converted into Aptly?
Send it to us and we’ll help set it up!

Know what everyone’s working on.

Get a real-time view on what your team’s working on and monitor the status of important tasks/projects at a glance from your dashboard. Aptly empowers your team to operate faster and more efficiently with shared boards to keep everyone on task, all the time.

Aptly is the future of work for property teams

Join the highly productive companies that have discovered how to embrace remote working today!