How prioritizing the customer experience and innovative insurance provide owners of rental properties the ultimate protection.

Oct 3, 2019 /

Dave Holt, founder and CEO of R.P. Management, sought to create a property management company that separates itself from all others in Minneapolis, MN. RP Management has built a brand around Holt’s vision to prioritize the customer experience and give investors peace of mind.

Prompt communication and smart insurance increase customer satisfaction

“Some of our best ideas come from times that we’re not sitting in the office, but we’re out there collaborating with owners and tenants,” says Holt.

The R.P. Management team spends valuable resources finding renters, so keeping them is a priority. Holt realized if he could prioritize the customer experience by providing quality service, tenants were more likely to renew their lease and even recommend the property to others.

Holt and his team researched several digital tools to help improve their customer service, including Zendesk and Aptly. They ultimately selected Aptly because of its flexible, innovative design.

Despite the team’s commitment to quality customer service, Holt discovered some tenants may leave from situations out of his control. He searched for ways to protect his company from loss related to tenant issues. After struggling to find a solution, he co-founded SureVestor, an innovative insurance company dedicated to protecting property owners when bad things happen to good tenants.

A Focus on Customer Service is the Ultimate Insurance

“Instead of focusing on the competition, we focus on our customers,” says Holt. “Prioritizing the customer experience is the greatest service we can provide to our owners and residents.”

This has been Dave’s mantra for 30 years, but he found it challenging to measure the quality of the customer experience consistently. In an era where customers are more empowered than ever with online reviews and access to competitors, he needed a way to ensure the customer experience was measured daily.

R.P. Management solved this issue with Aptly. Aptly allows teams to track all tenant and owner communication, turn inbox conversations into tasks that get completed, and measure customer happiness.

The team keeps a pulse on tenant and owner sentiment with customer satisfaction surveys in Aptly. They rely on survey data to boost tenant relationships, increase renewal rates, improve online reputation and identify training opportunities. The team can trace negative reviews back to a specific conversation, reducing “he said, she said” issues and increasing accountability.

“Consistent customer service, for example, might make it more likely that a tenant will agree to an increase in rent rather than move out,” said Dave.

Providing Peace of Mind to Property Owners

Let’s face it. You can do everything right managing the customer experience and then end up losing a customer from unforeseeable circumstances.

“Most people that have an income property didn’t plan to have one, but come to rely on the supplemental income to cover a mortgage or support their lifestyle. If something should disrupt that income, it can have an undesirable effect on their financial situation,” Holt said.

Holt set out to solve this issue and provide property owners with protection and peace of mind. He recently co-founded SureVestor, a company that is dedicated to providing landlords of single-family homes with insurance to cover loss related to tenant issues, like lost rent, malicious damage or eviction.

“There’s always been a gap in typical dwelling insurance policies in terms of what they don’t cover, namely unpredictable events with tenants. Any number of things can happen that can result in loss of rental income. Tenants can become financially strapped due to job loss, death of a wage-earning spouse, divorce, or any tragic event,” Holt explained.

Surevestor solves this problem with insurance starting at less than a dollar per day for property owners.

Prioritizing the Customer Experience with Surevestor and Aptly

Providing peace of mind and a great customer service experience to owners and tenants is the number one priority for R.P. Management. As they grow, they’re confident Surevestor and Aptly will continue to support their mission.

Not using Aptly?

Aptly is a task management tool specifically designed for property teams. We integrate task boards with your inbox, phone, and property management software (PMS) giving teams a single place to collaborate and manage all work.

Contact us to get a free trial of Aptly and learn more about the future of work for property teams.

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“Instead of focusing on the competition, we focus on our customers,” ..This is right point. Thanks Holt!