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14 day Free Trial
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Multi-Channel Inbox

Email, SMS and phone calls unified in one place thats accessible to you and your team.
Private Inboxes

Real-time sync of your private inbox from Google or Microsoft Office365.
Shared Inboxes

Enable any Google or Microsoft Office365 as a shared inboxe for your team to manage together.
SMS / Business Texting

Add SMS capabilities to your existing phone number or get a new one.
Phone Call Tracking

Track all inbound/outbound calls and have them automatically associated with customers.
Create Tasks

Convert conversations into tasks with one click and manage them on your Aptly workflow boards.
Assign and Share Conversations

Assign conversations to a specific teammate for clear accountability. Eliminate needless CCs and forwards by simply sharing a conversation and collaborating on the same record.
Snooze, Reminders & Open Tracking

Press pause on a conversation and choose future date when you’d like it to reappear in the inbox. Set a reminder to follow up on a conversation at a future date or if the recipient hasn't view it or if there’s no response.
Collision Detection & Shared Drafts

Identify when a teammate is replying to a conversation to avoid duplicate replies. Collaborate on email responses in real-time by sharing drafts with teammates.
Suggested Responses

Use templates to answers common questions with merge fields to personalize responses. Aptly intelligently suggests responses based on the the conversation topic and questions asked.
Private Notes & Internal Chat

Collaborate teammates behind the scenes with private comments and avoid long email thread. Share conversations and get your teammates attention by using @mentions in your comments.
2-Way Calendar Sync

Real-time bidirectional sync multiple Google and/or Microsoft Office365 calendars.
Team Availability

Share and see your teammates availability and find the perfect time for that meeting.
Call Recording

Configure inbound/outbound calls to be recorded for coaching and compliance.
Call Transcriptions

Transcribe calls to text for faster responses and added convenience.
SLAs/Response Times Rules

See how long customers have been waiting for a response and get back to them quickly.

Automatically convert email notifications from popular apps into tasks with our automations.

Track all conversation metrics in real-time with reports that track response times and more.
Facebook Page Conversations

Manage conversations from your Facebook Page or listings in the Facebook Rentals Marketplace.
Web Chat

Put Webchat on your website in a breeze and get fresh leads to your team daily.
14 day Free Trial
14 day Free Trial
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Auto Import Leads

Capture leads automatically by simply forwarding notifications or spreadsheets to a dedicated email.
Web Forms

Capture leads from your website or landing page without typing a single line of code.
Auto De-Dupe

Avoid duplicate leads with duplication guards that combine multiple leads to a single contact.
Lead Routing

Ensure rapid follow up by automating assignment rules and notifying teammates.
Marketing Source Attribution

Automatically idenitfy where the most valuable leads are coming from with ad source attribution.
One-Click Qualification

Enforce qualification workflow with a simple click action that captures all the required data fields.
Lead Scoring

Prioritize you most promising leads based on Aptly’s lead score calculated based on engagement metrics.
Self-Schedule Appointments/Tours

Allow prospects to self-schedule appointments and tours from your synced Google or Office365 calendar.
Video Tours

Offer prospects personalized video tour of your property using any video service (Zoom, Google Hangout, etc.)
Activity Tracking & Timeline

View a chronological timeline of all lead activities, so your team can close deals faster.
Custom Views and Segments

Create custom segments and view leads in Kanban or table views with customizable charts.
Custom Fields

Customize leads with over 20 field types to track virtually anything, even relationships to other boards in Aptly.
Mass Messaging

Create custom segments and send mass email or SMS to related contacts on your leads.
Analytics & Dashboard

Optimize NOI with dashboards that track all aspects of lead management with team and marketing source performance.

Proactively convert website visitors to leads with a chatbot to answers questions and schedules tours.

Automate emails, SMS, changing lead status from notification from your PM software and more.

Enable integrations that will enhance your lead board and connect it to other apps you use.
14 day Free Trial
14 day Free Trial
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Sync your residents, owners, vendors or any contacts from your property management software with related data.

Sync your properties from your property management software with relationships to the related contacts.
Workflow Templates

Leverage pre-designed templates that are customizable to manage your unique workflows.
20+ Custom Fields

Customize contact, locations and workflows with fields to track virtually anything.
Email Parsers & Triggers

Initiate or update workflows by fetching data out of email notifications from 3rd party apps or from synced data from your property management software.
Board and Table Views

Visualize your workflows as a board or table, customizable based on each teammates role.
Permissions and Guest Access

Control which teammates have access to your contacts, locations and boards with customizable permissions. Grant guest access to anyone to view, comment or modify your cards.
Web Forms with Validation

Add a webform to your website or include a link in conversations to kickoff workflows.
Assignments and Notifications

Assign Cards to a specific teammate for clear accountability and have them be notified via email or push notification.
Checklist Templates

Create reusable checklists with assignees and due dates to reinforce your workflows.
Mirror Fields Between Boards

Connect your workflows to one another or contact and location data with powerful mirror fields.
De-Dupe & Merge Cards

Keep your data clean with automatic de-duping and the ability to merge cards together while retaining all data fields.
Bulk Messaging & Updating

Save countless hours by sending bulk messaging to contacts attached to your cards and update any field across multiple items.
Analytics & Dashboard

Visualize the status of any workflow with customizable real-time dashboards that help you make more informed decisions.


Tired of answering the same question for customers over and over again? Activate your workflow chatbot that can answer common questions and/or schedule appointments.

Keep your workflows moving with automation that can send communication, update fields and much more.

Choose from dozens of integrations that can kickoff or update your workflows from connectors to popular property management software and other 3rd party apps.
14 day Free Trial
14 day Free Trial
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Online Review Monitoring

Monitor online reviews, get notified when they happen, collaborate on how to handle issues and assign the task of follow up to a teammate.
Real-Time CSAT Surveys

Get real-time feedback from prospects and residents/owners with CSAT surveys that are automatically sent and correlated to the conversation to measure the sentiment of each interaction.
Customer/Building Happiness Scores

Understand the sentiment of prospects and customers calculated as a simple Happiness Score visible on contacts and buildings.
Negative Review Workflows

Don't let a negative review go unnoticed by routing them to the appropriate teammate for service recovery.
Agent Performance Tracking

View a breakdown of teammates that are happiness makers and those that need additional coaching by seeing survey results connected to prospects and customers with their related conversations.
Personalized Reply Templates

Personalize each communication with saved responses that include merge fields from the contact record.
Admin, Security and More Starter
14 day Free Trial
14 day Free Trial
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Single Sign On (Google, Office365)

Sign up and/or log in with your Google or Microsoft account to for extra security and added convenience.
GDPR Ready

We're committed to protecting the privacy of personal data and ensuring that your business is in compliance when using Aptly.
iOS and Andriod Mobile Apps

Take the power of Aptly anywhere with our iOS and Andriod apps.
Chrome Extension

Work intelligently from anywhere by loading Aptly alongside other web apps you commonly use.
Role and Permissions

You're in complete control of who sees what with customizable roles and permissions.
API Access

Add custom integrations and automate any business process in Aptly with our open API.
Multi Account Admin Tools

Looking to bake your best practices into a templated account and role it out across multiple locations? Whether your a franchise or a business with multiple branches that need their own reporting, we've got you covered.
Custom Onboarding

Our Customer Success team will design and coordinate a custom onboarding experience for your team to ensure adoption and success!
Dedicated Customer Success Manager

Work with a named member of our customer success team that will learn your business, our personalized support and perform periodic reviews of your account.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have more questions? Send us a note or chat with us live!

What is an Aptly user vs. guest user?

There are two types of users in Aptly; full users and guest users. Both types can access cards and boards in Aptly, with assignments for accountability and @mentions for quick collaboration. Full users can connect inboxes and access team inboxes to handle conversations together, use team tags and canned responses and be included in team rules. Guest users only have access to the cards or boards shared with them and any related objects. A related object could be a conversation, contact, event or location related to the card.

What’s the difference between shared and personal inboxes?

With Aptly you can connect existing inboxes from your email provider and consolidate all communication into one omnichannel inbox including email, text messages and phone calls. Connect a single personal inbox or several. All personal inboxes you connect will flow into your Aptly Inbox, where you can view each inbox separately or altogether. The personal inboxes you connect are private to you.

If you’d like to manage email as a team in Aptly, you can connect shared inboxes like residentrelations@ or leasing@ to manage communication as a team, route messages to the right people and get more done. Grant the right teammates access to a shared inbox so everyone’s in the loop. Shared inboxes increase accountability and transparency, cut down on duplicate or slow replies, and promote better organization and team communication.

What’s the difference between a shared and private board?

Plan, manage and track your work using Aptly’s boards and cards. Capture any type of workflow in minutes, from marketing and leasing, to HR, customer service issues with residents or construction and rehabs. Create a custom board from scratch or install one from our template gallery.

With Aptly, you can make boards public to everyone in your organization, private just for you or invite specific teammates to access including vendors outside of Aptly.

A shared board is public to everyone in your organization. A private board is just for you or shared with specific teammates.

What is a card?

Aptly Boards contain cards. Think of a card as a task to complete or information to manage. To keep track of tasks in a clear and organized way, drag the card from one stage to another until the job’s complete.

Create cards by capturing work from public forms, through your inbox, with one of our integrations or on the board itself.

Add custom fields on your cards, upload documents and loop in your teammates by assigning or mentioning them in comments. Add sub tasks to cards and even create sub task templates to streamline processes. Check off tasks as they’re completed to keep the project moving.

Does Aptly integrate with my property management software?

Yes, Aptly currently integrates with Yardi, Appfolio, Buildium and bidirectionally integrates with Propertyware.

Integrate Aptly with your property management software to sync your contacts, buildings, leases and more into Aptly and enhance it with conversation and work data.

No matter which teammate is responding to customers, they have all the information they need without toggling between apps. All your important data lives in one, unified place.

How do I subscribe at the end of my free trial?

To subscribe, click upgrade on the banner inside Aptly, at the bottom of the page. Or, click the settings icon in the bottom left corner of Aptly. Then click Subscription and enter your payment information.

What are my payment options?

You can pay for a monthly or annual Aptly subscription with ACH or with a credit card. If you choose an annual subscription you’ll receive 20% off!

Can I upgrade/modify my subscription?

To upgrade or modify your subscription go to your company settings in Aptly and click Subscription. To access your company settings, click the settings icon in the bottom left corner of Aptly.

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How do I cancel my subscription?

To cancel your subscription with Aptly, send us an email at [email protected].