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Aptly is real estate’s first AI-powered
communication platform for intelligent
resident conversations.


Aptly was founded in 2017 by a team of property tech SaaS entrepreneurs who built and scaled single family’s first cloud property management platform. Working with leading brands in both single and multifamily real estate, the Aptly team has in-depth industry knowledge and expertise. Headquartered in San Francisco, Aptly has embraced the remote work culture, with team members in San Diego, Buenos Aires, Las Vegas, Dallas and beyond. Aptly is integrated with leading property management and email platforms such as Yardi, RealPage, Office365 and Google Apps. Aptly is proudly backed by Accel Ventures, Slack Fund and C-Level executives from Facebook, and Twilio.


Aptly is an omni-channel communication platform that analyzes, structures and unifies conversations with property management data. We connect to your existing email provider (Office365, G Suite or any IMAP server) and provision tracking phone numbers for individuals and/or teams. We leverage our own proprietary machine learning and artificial intelligence to provide automation and insights into prospect, resident and internal property team conversations. We are in the process of filing for patents on several of our workflows and underlying technologies.

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